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Chocolate Sheepskins


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There are some things that never go out of fashion or lose their appeal, the sheepskin being one of them. We have made sure that we have sourced the best quality available from a local tannery where the majority of their fleeces are from the South West. They supply High End Retail outlets, Rolls Royce floor mats and even luxury ejector seats for fighter planes! We just asked them for some humble fleeces for you and they have given us a stunning collection.

The natural colours of the chocolate fleece glow and they are deliciously thick, with a soft supple leather on the underside. Perfect for the sofa, bed or if you are feeling very indulgent your pet!

These stunning chocolate brown sheepskins are quite bear like and will compliment a variety of colour schemes.

Each fleece is individual and you will chosen be the best of our collection.


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